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Resources for Pornography: A Public Health Issue

Action Plan

  1. Be proactive. Start talking to your children while they are very young (ages 3–5), providing books that help them understand good images from bad images. When time comes for the pre-teen and teenagers find help for them using Theology of the Body for Teens as well as a new program called “Fight the New Drug”.
  2. Become Accountable: Place filters on all electronic devices, computers, iPads, iPods, cell phones, video game systems, MP3 players, etc. Use filtering that will block questionable sites. Be proactive in protecting your entire family. Monitor all social networking, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , You Tube, etc. and block or screen movies and TV, using reviews of movies. The correct filters on electronic devices will prevent the unexpected pop-ups that can occur while searching the web.
  3. Educate Yourself: Learn more about the subject of pornography and sex-trafficking through the vast resources available to you. Provide information about pornography at your local and or diocesan CCW meetings yearly that address this silent but highly destructive subject. Show how prevalent pornography is in our homes and society, and how it is ensnaring our children, and spouses.

Pornography Resources & Websites


  • Purity Works – Provides materials to help parents teach children about sexual purity.
  • Good Pictures Bad Pictures – A read-aloud story about a mom and dad who teach their child what pornography is, why it’s dangerous, and how to reject it.
  • The Theology of the Body – Theology of the Body for Teens is a dynamic faith formation program for teens and pre-teens.
  • Fight The New Drug – Ways to communicate effectively with teens and young adults in order to educate them about the harmful effects of pornography.
  • The Social Costs of Pornography – A statement of findings and recommendations, by The Witherspoon Institute, Mary Eberstadt and Mary Anne Layden.

Online Tools

  • Net Nanny – Internet filtering software and is actively involved in Internet safety campaigns with local and national media.
  • Covenant Eyes – Tool that rates and records every web page accessed and sends an easy-to-read weekly rating report to its members for accountability of inappropriate content.
  • NetSmartz Resources – Curated resources from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children for parents, teachers, and youth.
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