73 – Hidden Girl: The True Story of a Modern Child Slave – A Conversation With Shyima Hall

This episode of the Ending Human Trafficking podcast features Ensure Justice 2014 Speaker Shyima Hall, Survivor Advocate. Shyima was born in Egypt to a very poor family. She was sent to work for a family in Cairo, who later moved to the US, taking 8-year-old Shyima with them to continue her service as a domestic slave. When a neighbor noticed she was not going to school, Shyima was rescued. Listen to Shyima’s story from being a child slave to living in freedom and experiencing justice in this special episode, and don’t miss her at this year’s Ensure Justice Conference! Register today to secure your place!

Shyima released her memoir, Hidden Girl: The True Story of a Modern Slave on January 21, 2014. Purchase it today online, at your bookstore, or on your e-reader!



Shyima’s Story

Shyima’s Author Page

Citizenship Video

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Ensure Justice 2014 – Why is She a Slave? Global Child Trafficking: Prevention and Early Intervention


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Sandie Morgan

Sandie Morgan, PhD, RN is recognized globally for her expertise in combatting human trafficking and working to end violence against women. As Director of Vanguard University’s Global Center for Women & Justice (GCWJ), she oversees the Women’s Studies Minor as well as teaching Family Violence and Human Trafficking.
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