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Do you want to learn how to use your own skills, resources, and expertise to fight human trafficking? You’re in the right place! Our podcast episodes cover the full range of human trafficking issues, directly from the voices of experts in the field.

Podcast History and Mission

The Global Center for Women and Justice launched the Ending Human Trafficking podcast in April 2011 and it has passed the 160 podcast milestone as of January 2018. Our mantra is Study the Issues. Be a voice. Make a difference. We believe that if you do not study first, you may say or do the wrong thing. The National Family and Youth Services Clearinghouse promoted EHT as “a good way to get up to speed on human trafficking”. Our audience includes students, community leaders, and even government leaders. EHT listeners come from all corners of the world, which accomplishes our mission of building a global community that works together to end human exploitation.

Meet the Hosts


Sandie Morgan, PhD, RN

Dr. Sandie Morgan is recognized globally for her expertise on combating human trafficking and working to end violence against women. She is the director of the Global Center for Women and Justice at Vanguard University in Southern California. She is passionate about the role of education in fighting human trafficking. She launched a 12 unit Anti-Human Trafficking Certificate that is totally online.  She believes everyone can do something.  But first, they need to study the issue.  Then they can be a voice and make a difference.

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Dave Stachowiak, EdD

As cohost of EHT, Dave is no stranger to podcasting. He is the host and producer of Coaching for Leaders, a Top 10 career podcast on iTunes. He also serves as on the Global Center for Women and Justice Community Advisory Board. He says, “Each of us have a responsibility to help end human trafficking. The Global Center for Women and Justice teaches all of us how to bring our unique talents to the table that work in partnership with many caring people and organizations around the world.” Dave brings his considerable talent and skill to every podcast, asking the questions a bystander might ask and keeping the content fresh and relevant!

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