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Who are we?

The Global Center for Women and Justice launched the Ending Human Trafficking podcast  in 2011. Our hosts are Dr. Sandie Morgan and Dr. Dave Stachowiak. Our mantra is Study the Issues. Be a voice. Make a difference. We believe that if you do not study first, you may say or do the wrong thing. 

Check out our latest episodes!

304 – European Perspectives, with Ioana Bauer

Dr. Sandra Morgan is joined by Ioana Bauer. In this episode the two discuss European Perspectives on ending human trafficking …

303 – Prostitution Research, with Dr. Melissa Farley

Dr. Sandie Morgan is joined by Dr. Melissa Farley. The two discuss the issues surrounding the legalization of prostitution. Dr. …

302 – What Did You Do This Summer?

Dr. Sandie Morgan discusses her summer travels and the new perspectives she gained on human trafficking. Key Points It’s important …

301 – Talking With Our Children: A Key to Cyber Safety, with Alana and Mollie Stott

Dr. Sandra Morgan is joined by Alana Stott and her daughter Mollie Stott. The three discuss the importance of cyber-safety …

300 – R.E.A.L. Friends Don’t: Online Safety Campaign, with Kelsey Syms

Dr. Sandie Morgan is joined by Kelsey Syms as the two discuss R.E.A.L. Friends Don’t and its importance in educating …

299 – A Prevention Perspective, with Ezequiel Escobar Bellshaw

Dr. Sandie Morgan is joined by Ezequiel Escobar Bellshaw, an attorney from Madrid. The two discuss the role Fiet Gratia, …

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