19 – Runaway Girl

Survivors provide an important perspective on how we can work to end human trafficking. Sandra Morgan, the Director of the Global Center for Women & Justice and Dave Stachowiak, one of the Center’s board members, interview Carissa Phelps and Marianna Smirnova about their work to end human trafficking and about Carissa’s upcoming book, Runaway Girl.

Key Points

  • How to be a proactive voice in ending human trafficking.
  • Exploited people exploit, they carry on and normalize what has been done to them.
  • Carissa’s book, Runaway Girl, is honest and open to the struggle of trying to figure out the world.
  • Victims are trapped physically by guns and such, but at other times, trapped by fear.
  • Expunging records for survivors of trafficking. The system creates barriers that prevents living a normal life.
  • Foster youth are targeted and exploited because they don’t have anyone to protect them.
  • How to develop economic community for community engagement.


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Sandie Morgan

Sandie Morgan, PhD, RN is recognized globally for her expertise in combatting human trafficking and working to end violence against women. As Director of Vanguard University’s Global Center for Women & Justice (GCWJ), she oversees the Women’s Studies Minor as well as teaching Family Violence and Human Trafficking.

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