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Who are we?

The Global Center for Women and Justice launched the Ending Human Trafficking podcast  in 2011. Our hosts are Dr. Sandie Morgan and Dr. Dave Stachowiak. Our mantra is Study the Issues. Be a voice. Make a difference. We believe that if you do not study first, you may say or do the wrong thing. 

Check out our latest episodes!

266 – Rescuing Boys Labor Trafficked in the Fishing Industry, with Chris Field

Dr. Sandie Morgan is joined by Chris Field from Mercy Project in Ghana, an organization that works with the community …

265: Sustainable Housing, Aftercare, and Existing Resources with AVODAH Collective

Dr. Sandie Morgan is joined by three speakers from the AVODAH Collective, an organization that is partnering with churches to …

264: How Are All The Children?

Co-hosts, Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dr. Dave Stachowiak, discuss the wellbeing of all our children. The emphasize the need to …

263: Substance Use Prevention in Schools with Stephan Lambert

Dr. Sandie Morgan is joined by Stephan Lambert, the Prevention Coordinator with OCDE. Together, they discuss the prevalence of substance …

262: Human-Centered Design with Shauntina Sorrells

In this episode of the podcast, Dr. Sandie Morgan is joined by Dr. Shauntina Sorrells, Chief Program Officer at Orangewood …

261: Legal Advocacy with Sarah Byrne

Dr. Sandie Morgan is joined by Sarah Byrne, founding member of the National Survivor Law Collective. Dr. Morgan and Sarah …

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