99 – Pornography: Driving Demand

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On this episode of the Ending Human Trafficking Podcast, GCWJ Director Sandra Morgan and Board Member Dave Stachowiak welcome special guest, Jean R. Morgan, Jr., who is also Sandra’s husband. Prior to his work at Dale Carnegie, Jean served as the Director of Hellenic Theological School in Athens, Greece. He served United States Military families as a pastor in Stuttgart, Germany during the Persian Gulf era. Living in Europe for 17 years, he developed a strong cross cultural competency. He also served six years in the US Navy.

During this podcast, Sandra, Dave, and Jean discuss the connection between pornography and human trafficking. Pornography feeds the demand side of human trafficking, contributes to the sexual exploitation of children, and drives more vitcims. Pornography is defined as commercial sex for mass consumption— the purchase of another person’s body or the image of that body for one’s own sexual gratification. Porn is harmful in three ways that affects the brain, heart, and the world.

Are we part of the problem? Before we can be a part of the solution to end human trafficking, we need to make sure we are not a part of the problem. If you are purchasing or watching porn you are feeding the Sex Trafficking industry.


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