96 – Coaching Live2free Peer Educators

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What can youth do to impact the fight to end human trafficking? Dr. Sandra Morgan and Board Member Dave Stachowiak interview Ruthi Hoffman-Hanchett, a recognized children’s rights expert who served with World Vision for eight years. She specialized in teaching children how to advocate for themselves and building communities that support education and reduce vulnerability. Ruthi now serves on the Advisory Board for GCWJ and is the Coach for Live2free, our student mobilization team. Live2Free is a group of college students who go out into the community and give peer-to-peer presentations on modern-day slavery. The students are invited to present at high schools, middle schools, conferences, and youth groups in order to help educate and prevent human trafficking in local youth. Ruthi teaches and coaches the students how to be great leaders and presenters by increasing their professionalism and confidence as they go out into the community. Tune into this issue to learn more about Ruthi’s expertise, how youth are able to engage this issue in the community, and for those right here in Orange County, how Live2Free can come to your school!


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l2f@vanguard.edu – for more information, to request a presentation, or if you’re interested in guest speaking in a Live2Free meeting!


Ensure Justice Conference 2015 – Coordination, Collaboration, Capacity, & Compassion: What’s Your Role in the Plan?


Global Center for Women and Justice

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