94 – What Does the United Nations Offer to the Campaign to End Human Trafficking?

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On this episode of the Ending Human Trafficking podcast, GCWJ Director Sandra Morgan and Board Member Dave Stachowiak interview Deb O’Hara-Rusckowski, RN, MBA, MTS, a member of NGO Commission to Stop Trafficking in Persons at the United Nations. Deb works on the Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (GIFT) committee. Through a partnership with STOP THE TRAFFICK, the committee created the UN.GIFT Box program. A GIFT Box is a large, walk-in piece of public art that people encounter on the streets of the city. The GIFT box is a local, timeless exhibit that tells the local story of human trafficking by partnering with local organizations working in the anti-trafficking movement. The project is currently in Brazil, Slovakia and the United Kingdom and has the potential to roll out into other countries across the world. Tune into this episode to learn more about this special program. Will a GIFT Box come to your city next?

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