79 – Refuse To Do Nothing, Revisited

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On this episode of the Ending Human Trafficking Podcast, GCWJ Director Sandra Morgan led a conversation with Kim Yim and Shayne Moore, co-authors of Refuse To Do Nothing, at the Women of Vision, Orange County Faces of Change event in May 2014. These two abolitionist mothers seek to share with others how to strive to be global thinkers and advocates no matter the age of your children and busyness of life, in order to break through the thoughts that we cannot make a difference in this global problem. Kim and Shayne share their stories about how we can not only seek to understand but to take the next steps by thinking about what we buy, taking the extra minute to think about what you are purchasing, and making the effort to open your eyes and see what is going on around you, in your neighborhood and in your city. Listen to Kim and Shayne talk about being abolitionists, what slavery looks like in the world today, and how you can truly get engaged and make a difference.


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