76 – An Insider Look at Human Trafficking in Argentina

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GCWJ Director Sandra Morgan spent one week in March 2014 with Assemblies of God World Missionaries Gilbert and Virginia Contreras conducting human trafficking prevention training in Córdoba, Argentina. The Contreras family has served in Argentina for 14 years. After attending an Ensure Justice conference a few years ago, they felt called to address this issue and seek to prevent human trafficking in the country. Virginia sums up the grave need to fight human trafficking in Argentina with what she was told during her studies the definition of a woman is: an object to use and enjoy. Tune in to this episode of the Ending Human Trafficking Podcast to hear more of their great work in Argentina.



Report on Child Labor – US Department of Labor

List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor – infographic

News article about child labor in Argentina (Spanish)

News article about Argentina pesticide issues (English)

10/10/10 Escuela Biblica – Facebook Page

Escuela Biblica – Facebook Page

Contacto Universitario Departamento de la UAD – Facebook Page

Live2Free Argentina – Facebook Page


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