70 – How the Travel Industry Can Fight Human Trafficking

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The travel industry has a unique spot in the fight against human trafficking. Many individuals are trafficked across both local and international boundaries, and those who work in the airline, bus, and hotel industries are likely to come in contact with someone being trafficked. GCWJ Director Sandie Morgan and Board Member Dave Stachowiak discuss the different ways the travel industry can begin to provide training opportunities for their employees and make available the proper tools for the employees to report. As private citizens, we can also make a difference while we are traveling by being aware of our surroundings. Tune into this episode to learn more about fighting trafficking in the travel industry, and some of the key companies that are already committed to making a difference!



Airline Ambassador Training – Human Trafficking

ECPAT Hospitality Training – Benefits

ECPAT – Companies that signed the Code of Conduct

ECPAT – Promote the Code of Conduct 

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