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GCWJ Director Sandra Morgan, and Coordinator, Alexis Miller, travel to New York City for the two week event, The Price of Life, hosted by the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. This event reached upwards of 12,000 people on 15 different campuses and through vast impressions on social media has reached a potential audience of 4.5 million people. In this podcast, Sandie shares her and other participants’ experiences and thoughts from the Price of Life event. Featuring interviews with Price of Life Director Dave Ruark, Jason Gaboury, New York/New Jersey Regional Director for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and a member of the social media team speak to just how great an impact this event is going to have on participating college students and shaping their character and capacity. Sandie also reaches out to students at the event to hear their point of view on why students are important in ending human trafficking, how the media can help us end demand, the link between human rights and human trafficking and many other interesting concepts; plus she shares an exclusive interview with one of the artists from the recently released album: Exposing Darkness. The podcast sheds light on the importance of the mobilization of young people to become the next generation of leaders in the movement to end human trafficking.



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