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Recently, the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships convened in Washington DC to discuss how to combat human trafficking, aiming for organizations to work together for victim support services and raising awareness. This episode features a special interview Cheryl Pittluck, a GCWJ board member and leader at Anaheim Vineyard Church. Cheryl is an integral community partner for the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force, a prime example of a Faith-Based and Neighborhood partnership. GCWJ Director Sandie Morgan and Board Member Dave Stachowiak discuss with Cheryl how to make partnerships work – the training, agreements, and support that many different organizations provide in seeking to end human trafficking. Cheryl assists with many different projects with the Task Force, including holiday programming, donation distribution, and assisting clients through simple acts like driving to appointments. Tune in to hear how faith-based and neighborhood partnerships can build and create something that is sustainable and recognizable in the community. Call the Hotline – 888-3737-888 – to get connected to anti-trafficking opportunities in your area. 



Anaheim Vineyard Church – Human Trafficking Ministry

Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force

OCHTTF Resources

World Relief – US Offices

World Vision – Get Involved

Polaris project – Local Opportunities

Global Center for Women and Justice

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