63 – Teachers are on the Frontline

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Teachers hold the unique place in the lives of children, as they often spend up to 6 hours a day with a child. Educators have a unique opportunity to teach children lessons that extend far beyond the classroom, including prevention and early intervention of trafficking. How do we equip teachers to teach children about exploitation and ask the right questions when a child in their class exhibits signs of exploitation?

In Virginia, teachers are required to receive two hours of training on CSEC – commercial sexual exploitation of children. Training like this provides teachers with the tools to identify warning signs and ask the right questions in order to better protect the children in their classroom. GCWJ Director Sandie Morgan and Board Member Dave Stachowiak discuss these important warning signs, how to equip teachers, and how teachers can engage students about modern-day slavery, including ways labor and sexuality can be exploited.



Podcast 35: Internet Safety Resources for Teachers

Global Center for Women and Justice Trafficking Resources


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