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This episode of Ending Human Trafficking features GCWJ Director Sandie Morgan and Board Member Dave Stachowiak being interviewed by Suzie Farthing from the One Love For Nurses podcast. One Love For Nurses is a group of Christian nursing professionals who are dedicated to using their talent and profession to serve the poor and vulnerable.

In this interview, Sandie and Dave share with Suzie how medical professionals can play a vital role in recognizing red flags related to human trafficking. Because meeting with a nurse in an exam room may be the only safe, private interaction a victim will have, it is important to train all medical staff to understand human trafficking. The privacy offers an opportunity to ask the right questions and allow a nurse to identify any red flags. Once an issue is identified, a medical team is able to take the next steps in contacting the National Human Trafficking Hotline. While it may not be possible to rescue a victim immediately, having the right materials on hand will allow for an opportunity to pass along may help that individual when the time is right.

In order for nurses and medical professionals to recognize the signs of human trafficking, it is necessary to make human trafficking awareness a part of training for all medical staff. As a team, the staff can identify and make a difference for victims who walk into a medical facility. Materials from the Rescue and Restore campaign are available free of charge to help train staff, resulting in each individual knowing how to identify signs of sex and labor trafficking.

Apart from our professions, our daily choices can make a difference in fighting human trafficking including thinking about purchases, researching products and supply chains, and continuing to learn and bring awareness to coworkers, network, and friends.

Check out the One Love For Nurses Podcast for great episodes focused on nursing, leadership, and working with the poor and vulnerable.



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