57 – Don’t Reinvent the Wheel!

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There are some basics to designing a car, even though there are hundreds of models on our roads. While the differences make each unique, the basics are the same – wheels, lights, engines. In this episode, Global Center for Women and Justice Director Sandie Morgan, and GCWJ Board Member Dave Stachowiak discuss the basic resources available to learn more about human trafficking. GCWJ receives many inquiries about how to get started in the fight against human trafficking, and there are many great toolkits available to begin to study the issue – and many are federally funded projects that are paid for by our tax dollars!

GCWJ’s Resources webpage includes a variety of important and useful US and International resources to fight human trafficking. As you hear in this podcast, learning and using the common language that our federal, state, and local officials and law enforcement use to fight human trafficking is key to making a difference in the issue. Whether you are interested in outreach, starting a shelter, or sharing more with your network, strive to learn and understand the vocabulary before beginning any work in the field.

Where to start? 

Visit GCWJ’s Trafficking Resources webpage and begin with the US Department of Homeland Security’s Blue Campaign Human Trafficking Awareness online training. From there, visit our other links to continue to build your personal toolkit of human trafficking awareness and prevention knowledge. When you are finished studying, you can use these tools to teach others and make a difference beginning right in your own community.

You can find all resource links mentioned in this podcast at:
Global Center for Women and Justice Trafficking Resources

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