156 – Reporting on Human Trafficking: Fresh Perspectives

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Dr. Sandie Morgan and Dave Stachowiak talk about how broadcasters and journalists can tell the story of human trafficking with new perspectives. They talk about shifting the focus to tell the story of demand instead of just focusing on the rescues, and also discuss why it’s important to look at human trafficking with a public health perspective.

Key Points

  • We need to challenge journalists to move from awareness to action.
  • Media platforms need to be careful not to dehumanize victims, protect the safety and privacy of a victim’s identity, and be cautious not to re-exploit victims through the retelling of their story.
  • Language matters, we want to use terminology that shows the experience of the victim and allows the community to understand the root causes of these issues, such as using “commercial sexual exploitation” instead of “prostitution”.
  • Media should change the perspective about trafficking to include the demand, healthy community engagement, and public health
  • Think about trafficking from a public health perspective, which changes the focus from results to prevention.
  • How can you, in the community, use your expertise and resources to help prevent trafficking?


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