152 – Strike Out Slavery with Deidre Pujols

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Deidre Pujols joins Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak to talk about her upcoming event, Strike Out Slavery, and how she’s partnering with the Angels and MLB to educate baseball fans about human trafficking.

Key Points

  • Strike Out Slavery is working with the Angels to create events that promote awareness for human trafficking organizations in a family-friendly way.
  • Human trafficking awareness should be taught in schools alongside other ideas like “don’t drink and drive” and “stranger danger.”
  • The greatest tool to stop human trafficking is prevention.
  • Parents should be teaching their children about human dignity.
  • Don’t feel like you have to help every single person from day one — start with the first person, and then keep moving forward. Stay “single-person-minded.”
  • By helping human trafficking victims reintegrate into society, you’re also investing in the community.


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