151 – From the Investigator’s Seat: An Interview with Juan Reveles

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Anaheim Police Sergeant Juan Reveles joins Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak to talk about the status of human trafficking in Orange County. The discuss the fact that traffickers are being drawn to your area because there is demand. Part of solving the problem is finding ways to reduce demand, through things like awareness programs and publicity of offenders.

Key Points

  • Law enforcement is only one part of the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force.
  • Law Enforcement needs to continue their paradigm shift of viewing events through a human human trafficking lens.
  • Once we’ve helped victims, how do we keep them in the area so we can continue to help them?
  • Trafficking victims are are viewed as expendable commodities by their traffickers.
  • The vast majority of trafficking takes place through the internet.
  • The focus needs to shift from only prosecuting traffickers to also prosecuting the purchasers because they are what ultimately drives demand.
  • The threat of exposure and publicity is what is necessary to get the message across.


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