143 – Why Was Sandie in Istanbul?

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In this episode, Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak discuss why Sandie went to Istanbul, Turkey and what she did there. The forum on Modern Slavery hosted by His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, discussed the role of the church in combating Human Trafficking and gathered distinguished scholars and leaders from around the world to discuss human exploitation. The goal was to bring context and understanding for how the church can rise up and do something about this injustice. Sandie’s role was to network, build relationships, work together to find resources, and discuss action plans to make a difference. One exciting outcome from this forum was engaging with the human trafficking commissioner of Athens who volunteered their resources to help the Study Abroad team this summer as they travel to Greece to work with the Syrian Refugees. Sandie challenged the church to step up in their role which prompted collaboration efforts for more resources and partnership in these efforts.


Ecumenical Patriarchate 

Photos of the Forum

Joint Declaration

Church of England

Anti-Human Trafficking Certificate

Priceless: A Luncheon to End Human Trafficking

Global Center for Women and Justice

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