142 – Where is the Anti-Human Trafficking Movement Going?

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In this episode, Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak interview Laura Lederer, President and Founder of Global Centurion. Under her leadership, Global Centurion has developed significant demand- focused research and programs. Ms. Lederer shares about the history of addressing human trafficking and the rewards of the early work that was done to emerge the global human rights movement we now have today. Her new book about slavery in the 21st century explains the complexities of the anti-human trafficking movement over the years, and although they have had 10 good years since the Trafficking Victims Protect Act was enacted, Ms. Lederer still believes they are at the beginning of the movement. At this time, Ms. Lederer suggests assessing what has been done through evaluation and research to take a hard look at what works and what may not be working well, using what has been learned to move forward thoughtfully.


Laura J. Lederer, President & Founder

Global Centurion

U.S. Laws on Trafficking in Persons

Anti-Human Trafficking Certificate

Priceless: A Luncheon to End Human Trafficking

Global Center for Women and Justice

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