141 – A View From the Bench – Part 2

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Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak welcome back Judge Hatchimonji to discuss the role of the Juvenile Court Judge in Child Welfare by breaking misconceptions about what juvenile judges do and how much they care about their job. When it comes to Juvenile Justice, the court wants to create a path that leads to a vibrant future for the children. The role of the Judge in child welfare becomes an active participant, to address and underline the root of the problem. They talk about the two branches, the dependency court which addresses children who have been neglected by caretakers and the delinquency court when children break criminal laws themselves. Sandie asks Judge Hatchimonji what he wants for kids when they walk onto his court. It is the juvenile court’s responsibility to rehabilitate the child, change their life trajectory to a bright and hopeful future.


Judge Douglas Hatchimonji

Role of the Juvenile Court Judge in Child Welfare

Ensure Justice Conference: Build a Strong Child

Anti-Human Trafficking Certificate

Global Center for Women and Justice

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