135 – Collaborations and Ethical Decision Making

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In this third part of the series on ethics and decision making, Dave, Sandie and Derek continue to explore the importance of ethics in collaborative work. Anti-human Trafficking Collaborations often happen between law enforcement, victim service providers, health care providers and centers, social service agencies, and faith-based/volunteer organizations. With all these collaborations happening to end human trafficking, ethical codes are difficult to maintain across all of these partnerships because each organization has different values and beliefs. The key is for partnerships to align their values and decide how to treat ethical dilemmas. It is imperative to share the same language among professionals to avoid conflict and confusion in collaborations.


Derek Marsh- BJA Fellow

James Austin Book: The Collaboration Challenge

Online Anti-Human Trafficking Certificate

Josephson Institute of Ethics: 7 Step Path to Ethical Decision Making

Ensure Justice Conference: Build a Strong Child

Global Center for Women and Justice

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