130 – Trauma Sensitivity with Dr. Becca Johnson

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In this episode, Director Sandra Morgan and GCWJ Board member Dave Stachowiak introduce Dr. Becca Johnson who is the International program director at Rescue Freedom International. Dr. Johnson discusses the strategy of trauma sensitivity and how it is different from trauma informed. She shares that by teaching trauma sensitive care instead of just trauma informed care, she wants people to engage their hearts and empathy, not just their head. It is not enough that they just have knowledge about what trauma is and how it affects people, but that they would truly understand as much as they can from a heart level as well.

We have to ask what’s going on with the survivor’s emotions, in the thinking processes. When this is understood, it makes outreach more effective. It breaks down barriers because those helping can understand by sharing some common thoughts and feelings. To be trauma sensitive is also being culturally sensitive which leads to being more empathetic.


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