124 – Prevention: Trauma Informed and Transformational Schools

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During this episode, Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak talk about how education contributes to life success, and how it can be used as a prevention tool in schools where children are dealing with different types of trauma. The idea that trauma only happens occasionally is overturned by current research brief: Unlocking the Door to Learning. Children who deal with trauma are living in a constant state of emergency with the way their body systems are functioning. How does this child function in a school setting? Their experiences in school will shape their future adult success and that is why trauma informed classrooms are so important. This research brief shows us recommended approaches for how to change the way we work with children in the classroom setting.


Unlocking the Door to Learning- Education Law Center 2015 Brief

Helping Traumatized Children Learn: Supportive School Environments for Children Traumatized by Family Violence

Suggested Textbook Reading

Children’s Exposure to Violence: A Comprehensive National Survey


Global Center for Women and Justice

Toxic stress response in Children

Creating Trauma-Informed Systems

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