121 – Pornography: A Public Health Crisis (Part 1)

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During this episode, Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak discuss pornography and how it is related to trafficking. The pornography industry has claimed that it is a victimless pursuit. Dr. Gail Dines states that over 36% of the internet is pornography and there are 40 million regular consumers in the US alone. Porn sites get more visitors than the combined clicks on Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter. The most disturbing report of pornography is the focus on children and how early children are exposed to pornography. The media feeds kids the message that sex is casual, even in PG Rated films and television shows. Porn addiction is a slippery slope to abuse and sexual exploitation. We need to understand why it drives demand and why the public looks at porn as a first amendment freedom of speech issue rather than a health issue. Pornography is biologically addictive and it is said that porn watching may lead to shrinking of the brain, this can happen when addictions for pornography begin when the watcher is still an adolescent. Pornography websites obtain over 21 billion of visits and 2 ½ million visits per hour. We need to reframe it as not just a moral issue but a health issue. Knowing this, parents need to be more aware of what their children are accessing on the internet and discuss this issue with both their sons and daughters so they can be aware that it is something that should not be normalized.

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