116 – A Marathon: Train, Sustain, Focus

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During this episode, Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak discuss details on the upcoming Ensure Justice Conference happening on March 4-5th. They also discuss with Sandra’s nephew, Bill Clements, on how to prepare for a marathon. In order to prepare for a marathon, you must set a goal in order to stay focus on what you hope to achieve. In planning a marathon, you must understand that rest days are just as important as training days. This relates to ending human trafficking because in order to do so, you must work as a community to reach your goal. Bill advises to watch out for one another to make sure you are getting enough rest. It is easy to get discouraged and burn out; you need each other if we are going to finish this.

Some tips on starting a marathon is to build your fitness up, and not always pressing to the ultimate capacity, especially not at the beginning. It requires focus to continue in a marathon and not create a budget that’s not sustainable. The ultimate goal of the Ensure Justice Conference is to reduce the vulnerability of the at risk population, to rescue victims, to free slaves, and to end the entire commerce of human trafficking. If we train, educate, and prepare people we will reach this goal. We can end human trafficking by keeping our focus on how important every single person is.

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