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During this episode, Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak welcome Grant Knisely, the director and producer for the film Untouchable: Children of God. The film is based in Nepal and focuses on the lives of young girls who were past victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Grant explains how he began working with human trafficking victims four years ago where he learned about the dark “culture” of human trafficking and exploitation. His passion to work with victims and fight for social justice issues compelled him to direct and create films to raise awareness on this serious issue and change the way the media looks at real world situations. He then created Code Red Films to highlight the stories of victims as to way to join the effort against social injustices.

The film, Untouchable: Children of God, focuses directly on the girls who are being trafficked from Nepal to India. This film gave an opportunity for these young girls to tell their stories and empower survivors to keep going.  In this film, they highlight the causes and realize the root of the issue behind modern day slavery in Nepal.  This podcast educates listeners about the root causes of human trafficking and what we can do to make a difference to abolish slavery and human trafficking in our generation. In order to make a difference, we must understand that education is the cornerstone for change. Once we gain knowledge on this issue, then we can start working to bring change and end human trafficking.

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