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During this episode, Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak talk about the Argentina Study Abroad trip that the Global Center for Women and Justice conducted with several Vanguard University students during the summer. As part of the study abroad trip, the students participated in the Asegurar Justicia conference, a replica of the Ensure Justice conference hosted annually by the GCWJ. The Asegurar Justicia conference had over a hundred and twenty leaders learning about the issues of human trafficking including teachers, professors, law enforcement, healthcare providers, social workers, as well as attorneys and faith based leaders from four provinces in Argentina. Participants also came from Chile, Ecuador, and Colombian helping to build a regional awareness on human trafficking.

Dr. Morgan and Dave discuss the importance of being part of a country study abroad. This experience offers students the opportunity to expand their knowledge, advocacy, relationships, and action. Students also learn that the first important step to building partnership is respect. Dr. Morgan encourages students to go overseas and learn about different countries and build relationships. Students are the secret ingredient to doing study abroad work because it is their job to learn and ask questions. Take advantage of the opportunities given at your school to learn about different countries and research how you can help make a difference.

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