106 – Health Consequences of Human Trafficking

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On this episode of the Ending Human Trafficking Podcast, GCWJ Director Sandra Morgan and Board Member Dave Stachowiak welcome Laura Lederer, President of Global Centurion Foundation. Dr. Lederer is an attorney, was in the state department, and has been instrumental in developing national and international policy around human trafficking.

Dr. Lederer addresses some of the health consequences of human trafficking through research she conducted with a focus group with survivors. She discovered that these victims had several health issues and about 87% sought our healthcare at a variety of health facilities, hospitals, and community clinics for physical, mental and reproductive issues. Healthcare providers have been caring for these victims unaware that they were caring for human trafficking victims and then returning them back to their traffickers. Find out more about the research findings uncovered in Dr. Lederer’s research.

Also, learn how health care providers can assist in the efforts to end human trafficking and be a patient advocate for these victims. As Dr. Lederer’s research indicates, 87% of healthcare providers provide care to these victims and might not know it.  Healthcare providers can play an important role in identifying the indicators of human trafficking victims, setting up a number of protocols to treat, how to provide referrals to these victims, and how to report these crimes.

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