102 – Ensure Justice 2015: What You Missed

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During this episode, GCWJ Director Dr. Sandra Morgan and Board Member Dave Stachowiak do a recap of the Ensure Justice 2015. The theme of the conference was focused around the Federal Strategic Action Plan’s four goals: 1) Align efforts, 2) Improve Understanding; 3) Expanding Access to Services, and 4) Improve Outcomes. Sandra and Dave cover the different plenaries, sessions, and topics discussed at the conference.

In the discussion about coordination, Dwayne Angebrandt with the Department of Homeland Security spoke about how important it is to align efforts to make an effective impact. Alignment has different components and it is important for partners and organizations to speak the same language, aligning vocabulary, roles, expertise, and resources.

Dr. Kirsten Foot, professor of Communication at the University of Washington presented her research on collaboration. She did 4 years of qualitative research on coalitions and taskforces across the nation to identify the elements of collaboration, issues, and identifying when collaboration not functioning well.

This year, the GCWJ expanded their partnership to include the Orange County Department of Education. A pre-session was help prior to the conference specifically for school based professionals from the community and left with strategic action plans by districts to develop strategies and do early intervention as well as identification of youth who are being exploited.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about the other speakers and topics addressed during the Ensure 2015 Justice Conference on Human Trafficking.



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