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During this episode, GCWJ Director Dr. Sandra Morgan and Board Member Dave Stachowiak celebrate the 100th episode Ending Human Trafficking Podcast by answering your questions and requests!

Sandra shares about the illustration of the teaspoon and the faucet story which can be found in Ron Sider’s book “Good News, Good Works”. A faucet strategy can be seen in the issue with pornography to reduce demand and raise awareness and even as simple as the decision to buy fair trade chocolate that there is no child slavery involved. The teaspoon strategy involves rescuing victims, advocating for better laws, and the aftercare of victims of human trafficking.

What is pimping and what is pandering? Sandra explains the definitions and distinctions between these two terms.

Sandra also shares resources and information about different organizations and groups in which individuals can volunteer for.

Also, learn about the Ending Human Trafficking Podcast toolkits! EHT podcast toolkits involves a small group getting together for three weeks during the National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, listening to a podcast a week and meeting during lunch or after work to discuss it.

Lastly, Sandra and Dave share their favorite podcasts. Thank you to everyone who has submitted questions and comments, this podcast has been successful thanks to our listeners and in helping us to get the message out about ending Human Trafficking!



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