126 – Meet the Professor: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

In this episode, Director Sandra Morgan and GCWJ Board member Dave Stachoviak continue in the “Meet the Professor” series. In this interview Dr. Morgan recounts an experience she had as a Pediatric Nurse when she met her first sex trafficking victim who was a 14 year old boy. Through her encounter with the victim, she purposed in her heart to create an end to human trafficking.

She shares the importance of a multidisciplinary approach, and all professionals incorporating trauma- informed practice. The Anti-Human Trafficking Certificate Program will be a tool that will assist in this effort to inform people from various backgrounds and levels of expertise- to help be a part of the solution to the cycle of violence and poverty which fuels the human trafficking industry.


Anti-Human Trafficking Certificate Program

Global Center for Women and Justice

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Sandie Morgan

Sandie Morgan, PhD, RN is recognized globally for her expertise in combatting human trafficking and working to end violence against women. As Director of Vanguard University’s Global Center for Women & Justice (GCWJ), she oversees the Women’s Studies Minor as well as teaching Family Violence and Human Trafficking.
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