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87 – Law Enforcement – Building Trust with Community Partners

What can a regular person do to help victims of human trafficking? Everyone has a role and can get involved, but it is important to understand what you have to offer and how your skills, talents, and knowledge can be utilized to serve trafficking survivors. GCWJ’s Dr. Sandra Morgan and Board Member Dave Stachowiak interview…

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47 – Partnership: Law Enforcement and Church Leaders

Partnership – the fourth “P” – is an element that requires those who come from very different backgrounds and missions to find common ground to stand on, seeking opportunities for effective community engagement and Prevention of human trafficking. Global Center for Women and Justice Director Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak, one of the Center’s board member,…

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EHT 241 – Ambassador-at-Large John Cotton Richmond: Looking Forward

Happy National Human Trafficking Awareness Day! Dr. Sandie Morgan and Ambassador-at-Large John Cotton Richmond discuss the current status of anti-human trafficking efforts in the United States. They ask the hard questions of what we need to do better and how we need to change in the future to have a greater and more positive impact…

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240 – Public-Private Partnership Advisory Council

Dr. Sandie Morgan and Dave Stachowiak discuss Dr. Morgan’s time with the Public-Private Partnership Advisory Council to End Human Trafficking. They examine the annual report that the council released, and how it came to be. Dr. Morgan considers the impact that has been made by this council and topics that are still wanting to be…

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235 – Human Trafficking and Public Health

Dr. Sandie Morgan and Dr. Susie Baldwin discuss the position of healthcare in preventing and battling against human trafficking. Dr. Baldwin describes the role healthcare takes in protecting and serving the community. Both of these experts, look at the reason prevention is such an important part of anti-human trafficking. As Dr. Morgan puts it,”…an ounce…

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233 – Bella Hounakey: A Fierce Survivor Advocate

Dr. Sandie Morgan and Bella Hounakey discuss how the trauma that survivors face is often overlooked by law enforcement. They go into detail about the language that is used in court and how it has the opportunity to bring a survivor justice or to fail them. Hounakey also describes how a community has the ability…

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231 – The Intersection of Diversity and Human Trafficking Vulnerabilities

Dr. Sandie Morgan and Dave Stachowiak interview Liliana Yanez, Esq, a managing Director of the Center for Legal Services at My Sisters’ Place. She is a lawyer with over 20 years of experience. Prior to working at MSP,  Liliana taught in the immigration clinic at the City University School of Law. They discuss the detrimental…

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230 – Cal Walsh and Protecting our Children

Dr. Sandie Morgan and Dave Stachowiak interview Callahan Walsh, a child advocate for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) and co-host of In Pursuit with John Walsh on Investigation Discovery. They discuss how COVID-19 has presented challenges and opportunities in the fight against child sexual exploitation and how we can make sure…

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