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210 – Collaboration: There Will be Challenges

Dr. Sandie Morgan and Dave Stachowiak are joined by Erin Albright, the former Director of the New Hampshire Human Trafficking Collaborative Task Force. She has over 12 years of experience in the anti-trafficking field and specializes in building organizational capacity and multidisciplinary collaboration through leadership, training, and consultation with service providers, law enforcement, task forces,…

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201 – Engage Together: A Model for Collaboration

Dr. Sandie Morgan and Dave Stachowiak discuss internet safety among youth with Alana Flora. Alana is the Chief Operations Officer at Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and Justice (AFRJ) and directs the Engage Together Initiative. They discuss education on internet safety, internet risks for youth, and resources to protect our youth. Key Points The Engage Together Initiative helps…

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149 – Collaboration: Working Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak discuss Sandie’s experience in Greece running the 3-day conference “Working Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings.” She explains how hard it can be to collaborate in the fight against trafficking, but also that working together is the only way to win the fight. Key Points Many refugees were working…

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135 – Collaborations and Ethical Decision Making

In this third part of the series on ethics and decision making, Dave, Sandie and Derek continue to explore the importance of ethics in collaborative work. Anti-human Trafficking Collaborations often happen between law enforcement, victim service providers, health care providers and centers, social service agencies, and faith-based/volunteer organizations. With all these collaborations happening to end human…

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97 – Collaboration Challenge – a Conversation with Alexis Miller

On this episode of the Ending Human Trafficking Podcast, GCWJ Director Sandra Morgan and Board Member Dave Stachowiak interview Alexis Miller, Coordinator of GCWJ. At the 2015 Ensure Justice Conference, Alexis and her student interns launched a special project called the Collaboration Challenge. The Collaboration Challenge is an interactive opportunity for people to actively get…

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EHT 241 – Ambassador-at-Large John Cotton Richmond: Looking Forward

Happy National Human Trafficking Awareness Day! Dr. Sandie Morgan and Ambassador-at-Large John Cotton Richmond discuss the current status of anti-human trafficking efforts in the United States. They ask the hard questions of what we need to do better and how we need to change in the future to have a greater and more positive impact…

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240 – Public-Private Partnership Advisory Council

Dr. Sandie Morgan and Dave Stachowiak discuss Dr. Morgan’s time with the Public-Private Partnership Advisory Council to End Human Trafficking. They examine the annual report that the council released, and how it came to be. Dr. Morgan considers the impact that has been made by this council and topics that are still wanting to be…

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239 – The Rise of Prevention and the Role of the Faith Based Community

Dr. Morgan discusses the anti-slavery and anti-human trafficking NGO Arise with Arise Director and Co-founder Luke de Pulford and Arise Manager of Frontline Advocacy Tove van Lennep. They examine the unique way Arise operates and the impact it has. They also address, how collecting data on these topics presents a struggle, and Arise has created…

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