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153: Homeless Youth: Risk and Resilience

September 24, 2017

Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak discuss the connection between homelessness and both sex trafficking and labor trafficking. They talk about the problems that arise when youths age out of the welfare system and how non-profits need to expand their view of success to include prevention, not just rescues. Key…

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152: Deidre Pujols – Strike Out Slavery

September 9, 2017

Deidre Pujols joins Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak to talk about her upcoming event, Strike Out Slavery, and how she’s partnering with the Angels and MLB to educate baseball fans about human trafficking. Key Points Strike Out Slavery is working with the Angels to create events that promote awareness…

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151: From the Investigator’s Seat: An interview with Juan Reveles

August 27, 2017

Anaheim Police Sergeant Juan Reveles joins Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak to talk about the status of human trafficking in Orange County. The discuss the fact that traffickers are being drawn to your area because there is demand. Part of solving the problem is finding ways to reduce demand,…

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150: What Do I Need To Ask?

August 13, 2017

Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak celebrate 150 episodes by looking back on their favorite episodes and some of the important lessons they’ve learned along the way. Resources List of top ten EHT episodes Anti-Human Trafficking Online Certificate Sandie’s favorite episode: 1: What is Human Trafficking? Dave’s favorite episodes: 39:…

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149: Collaboration: Working Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

July 23, 2017

Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak discuss Sandie’s experience in Greece running the 3-day conference “Working Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings.” She explains how hard it can be to collaborate in the fight against trafficking, but also that working together is the only way to win the fight. Key…

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148: We are back to the Language: Labels Matter

July 2, 2017

Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak discuss the media’s response to the criminal trials against the pimp and murderer of Aubreyanna Sade Park. During the case against her pimp, the media referred to her as a sex-trafficking victim, but during the case against her murderer, the media referred to her…

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147: Building for a Healthy Future: Survivor Mentorship and Life Skills

June 9, 2017

Judy Lamborn joins Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak to discuss why vocational training is so important for survivors, how Open Gate International runs their culinary arts program, and how you can get involved with their organization. Key Points Vocational training is critical for survivors Once training is done, there…

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146: A View from the Survivor’s Seat with Stacy Jewell

June 2, 2017

Stacey Jewell joins Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak to share about how to help survivors find their voice and decide how much they want to share. They also discuss the responsibilities of both non-profits and survivor-speakers. Key Points Connect with survivors by finding out who they are as a…

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145: A Humanitarian Crisis or A Trafficking Recruiter’s Marketplace

May 21, 2017

Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak discuss the Syrian refugee crisis and the impact it is having on the world, particularly in Athens, Greece. They also discuss the best ways to interact with refugees that reinforce their human dignity. Key Points 10,000 children have gone missing from Syrian refugee camps.…

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144: Does Research Make a Difference?

May 7, 2017

Annalisa Enrile joins Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak to discuss her new book, Ending Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery: Freedom’s Journey. Annalisa talks about how we often approach solutions without looking at the big picture and how corporations are shifting from mere Corporate Social Responsibility to a Corporate Social…

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