4: Physiology of Children in Human Trafficking

Learn about how the physiology of children plays a major role in human trafficking. Sandra Morgan, the Director of the Global Center for Women and Justice and Dave Stachowiak, one of the Center’s board members, discuss how the unique characteristics of children make them prime targets for traffickers. They will also challenge you to begin to study this issue, be a voice, and make a difference in ending it. Not only do they discuss brain activity but as well as trauma and what that happens to their brain. Trauma becomes part of the way children respond to things.

Key Points

  • Understand how youth think, human beings are hardwired to form relationships with caregivers.
  • A kids brain doesn’t finish developing until the ages between 18-25.
  • Kids make decisions based on what they see and from emotional responses.
  • Ways to prevent: Defend the kids by coming up with defensive strategies, such as educating the parents and the community.
  • Empower kids and their families.


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